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Offset your journey's carbon footprint by supporting CO2-reducing climate projects around the world.

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Your payment supports certified carbon reduction projects that actively combat climate change.


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“The type of offsetting projects that is socialising and promoting represents the best standards of international emission reductions available today.”

Niclas Svenningsen

Manager, Global Climate Action at UNFCCC

Your footprint matters

The most responsible thing you can do for the planet is to reduce your environmental impact. With aviation counting for at least 2% of global carbon dioxide emissions, we need to recognize the impact traveling has on the environment. The solution is not necessarily to stop traveling but to travel differently.

At TourRadar, we have made it easy for you to address the carbon footprint of your journey. With simple steps, you can ensure that the carbon emissions from your flight, ground transportation, and accommodation are being counted for and reduced via some of the best climate projects around the world. Your offset contribution goes directly to supporting CO2-reducing climate projects that are verified by the most comprehensive and stringent international standards.

How carbon offsetting works

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